Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I register or meet with staff in person?
A. We do not accept walk-ins at our office. To meet with staff in-person, please call or email first for an appointment.

Q. What happens if I’m a little late?
A. As this is an intensive workshop, it is important that you are on time for the session. Lateness will not be permitted. It is a distraction for the other participants and the facilitator. We ask that you are 15 minutes early to check identification and counter any potential issues.

Q. Will there be a break?
A. Yes. The facilitator will go over some “housekeeping” rules at the beginning of the program and breaks will be allowed depending on the time frame.

Q. What’s the difference between the 10 session Anger Management & the 1 day workshop?
A. The 10 day is designed for those participants who recognize that they need more intervention than a 1 day session can provide. It is offered at 2 hour intervals 1 time per week and gives participants an opportunity to practice the skills taught from one week to the next.

Q. Can I bring someone with me?
A. No. You are not allowed to bring anyone with you to the program. If you need someone to translate or read and write for you then you must notify our office staff (at the time of registration) that you will require this accommodation and they will assist you.

Q. Can I leave a little early to pick up my kids?  Or make it to work?
A. No. You must attend the full program in order to earn your certificate. No exceptions will be made. If you must leave, you will not be given a certificate. You will be able to return on another date to complete the full program.

Q. What if I need more than this program? Can I see the facilitator for individual sessions?
A. The facilitator can meet with you at a later date to go over concepts and make referrals to counselling or other community programs. An appointment with the facilitator will have to be scheduled separately.

Q. I need the program earlier than you offer, can I come the day of session date so if someone doesn’t show up I can attend in their place?
A. Unfortunately we cannot offer cancellation spots. The facilitator is there to run the program only and cannot register people the same day.

Q. What do I need to bring with me? Is there a test?
A. There is no test, but you must actively participate in order to earn your certificate. You may bring note paper if you wish and your own pen but it’s not required as everything is provided.

Q. Can I get a letter for court?
A. This is not a usual practice, but in extenuating circumstances a letter can be written. The facilitator will determine if a letter is necessary, and please give us a few business days after program, completion to produce such a letter. Participants will have to make arrangements with the facilitator directly or call our office and speak to the management the next business day.

Q. Will there be a refund if I cannot complete or make it to a scheduled class?
A. No. If you cannot complete or make it to a scheduled class, you may reschedule. In any event there will be no refunds.

Public Complaints
The Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services must ensure that all members of the public are accorded their full legal and statutory rights and are treated with dignity and respect as befits our Mission Statement.   Complaints may provide evidence of a service quality issue that requires prompt attention.

If you have a complaint about our programs or staff, please email the Director of Community Programs: