Chaplaincy Services

Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services Chaplains serve in 11 locations including all eight Toronto courts and four Ontario detention centres. The Salvation Army’s presence in the criminal justice system is well established having started as early as l890. Over many decades accused persons, administrators, and professionals have valued the contribution of Salvation Army chaplains as critical to the smooth operation of the court as it serves both the people having to appear before the court and all court staff and professionals.

The Salvation Army Court Chaplain helps reduce anxiety for those appearing in court and their loved ones and offer compassion to those who find themselves in a stressful environment. The chaplain works to increase the safety of the court environment for staff and public with a calming presence for those having difficulty coping with their circumstances. Court appearances natural increase stress and emotional responses so chaplains offer appropriate emotion and spiritual, words of calm and encouragement, a quiet place for prayer and meditation, court information, inspirational literature, referrals to community supports, warm clothing and travel assistance and access to a safe bed for the night. Referrals to the full spectrum of Salvation Army services from substance abuse treatment to family tracing are also offered to those in need. In some courts Chaplains serve Drug Treatment Court and offer personal development programming such as the Positive Lifestyle Program.

Detention Centre Chaplains provide those same services and in addition are able to build relationships with people in custody and offer them greater depth of spiritual and religious care and programs aimed to help transform lives and build safer communities. These programs include Positive Lifestyle, Purpose Driven Life, Battle of the Mind, and chapel services, and referral to religious and community supports.


Director of Chaplaincy – Greg McInnes
1 Greensboro Dr. Toronto, Ontario M9W 1C8
416-304-1974 x 214

​Salvation Army Chaplains in Ontario Criminal Court

  • ON Court of Justice Toronto – 10 Armoury St., Toronto, ON M7A 0B9 / 289-654-4598  or  437-351-2151
  • Toronto Regional Bail Centre – 2201 Finch Ave West, Toronto, ON  M9M 2Y9 /  289-654-4598  or  437-351-2151
  • Brampton Court – 7755 Hurontario St. Room 309B, Brampton, ON  L6W 4T1  /  289-654-4598
  • Hamilton Court –  45 Main St. East, Hamilton, ON L8N 2B7  /  905-869-1404
  • Newmarket Court – 50 Eagle St. West, Room 105, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1  /  289-654-4598
  • Oshawa Court – 150 Bond St. East, Room 1246, Oshawa, ON  L1G 0A2  /  905-743-2800 ext. 7255

Salvation Army Chaplains in Provincial Institutions

Central East Detention Centre (CECC)
541 Highway 36, Lindsay, Ontario  K9V 4S6
705-328-6000 ext. 3059

Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC)
1501 Fuller Ave, Penetanguishene, Ontario  L9M 2H4
Office: 705-549-9470 ext. 3060

Quinte Detention Centre (QDC)
Inquiries call: 613-549-2676

Salvation Army Chaplains Federal Institutions

For Kingston Ontario area Federal Institutional Chaplaincy services contact:
Salvation Army Freedom Ministries
104-472 Division Street
Kingston ON K7K 4B1
Office: 613-549-2676

Salvation Army Chaplain Youth Residences

Cuthbert House (Brampton) Office: 905-453-0988  Fax: 905-453-3812

Salvation Army Adult Residence (CRF) Chaplains

Salvation Army Community Residential Facilities (CRFs): Bunton / Archibald / Harbour Light 416-964-6316